TRS, LLC offers the Following Services:

  • Nationwide Resolution of Multiple Title Issues  
  • Mobile Home Title Problems
  • Legal Description Errors
  • Prior Liens, Judgments, Mechanic's Liens
  • Unrecorded Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
  • Analysis of Chains of Title for Determination of Lien Priority 
  • Analysis of Appropriate Actions to be taken on Title Errors
  • Procurement of Title Documents, Appraisals, Surveys and Other Investigatory Information Necessary to Conduct a Basic Investigation into and Evaluation of Title Issues
  • Review and Summarize Complex Documents Recorded in the Chain of Title
  • Investigation and Cure of Title Issues including Easements, Encroachments, Adverse Possession, Boundary Line Disputes and Prescriptive Easements
  • Recommendations on Resolving Complex Title Problems
  • Implementing Solutions to Resolve Title Issues
  • Selection and Supervision of Professionals such as Surveyors, Appraisers and Expert Witnesses
  • Title Claim Investigation
Through its Affiliated Law Firm of Hershorin & Henry, LLP, we offer Services in the Following Areas:

  • Handling of Real Estate Litigation   
  • Full Analysis of Title Issues including Investigation and Written Opinions
  • Coverage Opinions (Simple, Complex and Contested Opinions Offered)
  • Preparation and Appearances for MSC Mediations