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Ted Tessem

Senior Title Claims Analyst

Ted Tessem joined TRS, LLC in 2012 as a Senior Title Claims Analyst.  Mr. Tessem’s prior work experience revolved around the title and real estate industries pertaining to sales and development.  Desiring to devote the rest of his career expanding his knowledge and further developing his skills, he began working with Lenders First Choice Title Company in 2005 abstracting and searching title and preparing commitments on a national level.  He quickly advanced to a supervisory role training staff and developing a national network of outside vendor sources.  He was again promoted to a supervisory role in their title clearing department ensuring underwriter requirements were met.

In 2009, Mr. Tessem took a position with Fidelity National Title in their clearance center so as to expand his knowledge of title claim resolution wherein he honed his skills in the areas of title examination of issues related to vesting and interest, legal descriptions, encumbrances and releases, corporate and notary and other issues clouding title or the effect of insurability.  He took on a supervisory role as well, training others in examination and evaluation of title, reviewing surveys, metes and bound/monument call standards and deed plotting.  His experience expands into the legal/judicial aspects as well working with attorneys and agencies to cure title wherein a judicial action is required.